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Rights and Liabilities Statement is an integral part of the Website, so please read carefully before using the Website. If you have already been using the Website, you are deemed as having read and consented to all the contents in the Rights and Liabilities Statement of the Website.

 ?       Copyright Statement

The intellectual property rights related to all the contents of the Website, including pictures, words, products, techniques and procedures, belong to us, except those expressly marked that they are owned by other bodies.

Any representations in the Website shall not be construed as an authorization of use. Without our permission, nobody shall use any content in the Website (including but not limited to copying, spreading, displaying, establishing mirror image, uploading, downloading and other types of using), otherwise we shall reserve the legal rights to pursue tort liability of others.

Contents in the Website may be used by the affiliated firms, companies which have business ties with the Company or other bodies agreed or approved by the Company for the purpose of promoting the Company or its products or for other purposes beneficial to the Company.

 ?       Privacy Policy

We respect your private information. The Privacy Policy aims to inform you of the norms of the Website for collecting and releasing information. Before using the Website or providing information in any form to the Website, make sure you have read the following privacy policies. By offering information to the Website at any time, you approve that the Website may collect and use the information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

 ?       Ⅰ Information Collected by The Website

The information collected in the Website consists of two parts: the information automatically collected by us when you are browsing the web pages and that provided by you willingly and actively.

1. Information automatically collected by the Website when you browsing web pages
The Website uses cookies ( a network technique, which enables the website servers to store a few data to the hard disks or the memory of the client, or to read data from the hard disks of the client), so as to enable you to login to our services and set your own service options.
As you are browsing the Website, the Website may automatically collect some information of you, including the IP address and configuration of your computer, the information of the browser you used, the web pages you visit and the visit time. All the information-collecting operations done through cookies are conducted in an integrated and anonymous way. You may choose to accept or refuse the cookies. You may refuse the cookies by modifying your browser settings. Logging in to or using those cookie-based services or functions may be disabled if you choose to refuse the cookies.

2. Information willingly and actively provided to the Website by you
This part of information is submitted by you when you register or browse the Website, including the personal information submitted when you register, place an order, join a user survey or apply for a job vacancy on the Website, or that published by you on the chat rooms, forums or message boards in the Website.

 ?       Ⅲ Rules for Using The Information

For the information collected by the Website, we may use it to the legal and reasonable extent, or after integration provide it to the Company and its affiliated firms all over the world, or after integration reveal it to the contractors that have business ties with the Company (such as suppliers, agents, distributors and network service providers) in order to meet your demand, to upgrade the browsing experience of the Website, to enhance the exhibited content of the site and to improve our products and services. We guarantee that the third party will comply with the rules of this Privacy Policy in the event that your information is provided or revealed to the above mentioned affiliated firms or contractors of the Company.
We promise and guarantee that using of the information will be in a concentrated and anonymous way and that we will not provide or reveal your identity information to any third party. In addition, we promise that, without your permission, we will not make the personal information collected by the Website known to any third party by means of sales, license, transaction or other approaches.

 ?       Ⅳ Links of Other Websites Shown in The Website Pages

The Privacy Policy is not applicable for links to other websites that may appear on the Website pages. For websites correspond to such links, we have not reviewed the content of their privacy policies. Thus, before providing your personal information to such websites you shall read and affirm their privacy policies.

 ?       Ⅴ Information Security

We will make reasonable measures to protect the information collected by the Website so as to avoid loss, misusing and unauthorized acquisition, revealing, alteration or damage. However, we have to remind you that we can not guarantee the security of Internet transmission so that unsafe factors may exist in the e-mails you send to or from the Website. Thus, you shall pay cautious attention to the safekeeping of your personal information in networks. Moreover, if you use passwords, identity card numbers or other special login characteristics on the Website, it is your own responsibility to guarantee their safety.

 ?       Ⅵ Modification of The Privacy Policy

To protect our users and adapt to the changing environment, we will update the Privacy Policy from time to time. We suggest that you review the content of the Privacy Policy when you visit the Website so as to make sure that you have known and understood our current policies. Any modification of the Privacy Policy will promptly be published to a prominent area in the web page and special attention shall be paid to those modified. Unless permitted by you or upon legal request from others, the information collected before the modifications will still apply the privacy policies made and published by us upon collection.

If you have any doubts or questions about the Rights and Liabilities Statement of this Website, please contact us through this Website or sending letters to us at any time.

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